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02 Mar, 2009 – 2 comments

mad men on twitter at sxsw

So, my desk mate Mike and I are headed to SXSW in just a few days. He leans over and says, “Hey, there’s a mad men on twitter panel, why aren’t you on that?” Normally, Mike is a lunatic, and he’s not to be trusted. But sadly, there is a panel being run by Carri Bugbee (Peggy Olson and Shorty award winner). But, nope, I wasn’t asked to to discuss being a mad men character on twitter, or writing that report (that was covered by Henry Jenkins, and NYMag), or even about my feelings towards the future of fan and brand engagement.

Nope, you can’t file into a room to hear me speak on that panel. You’ll just have to come right up to me and have an old school one on one conversation about it. I’d love to see not just me speak about it, how about Paul Isakson? He was Don Draper! Or Rick Leibling? He played multiple characters. Maybe we can get Henry himself or Josh Green and others to circle up and chat. How’s Tuesday the 17th around 2pm?

I kid. I kid.


  1. Kurt Cooper
    Kurt Cooper March 2, 2009 at 6:03 pm .

    Dude, you are not a Mad Men character. You don’t belong on that panel. Get over it.

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