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13 Jul, 2010 – 2 comments

9 reasons to join the editorial board

With 9 days left to back The Bucket Brigade, I thought I’d give you 9 reasons to support the project by highlighting 9 random members of the Editorial Board so far. Over 30 people make up the brain trust to-date, and a donation of $100 or more guarantees you a place among fine folks such as these:

Johnny Vulkan – along with one rad name, Johnny is Partner at Anomaly, where he makes innovative things happen on his dual iPads while criss-crossing the Atlantic Ocean. And like everyone on the Board, Johnny is one seriously nice dude.

Gareth Kay – Gareth is the Director of Brand Strategy at Goodby, incredibly smart, universally loved, and even though I was little more than a random internet person, Gareth took the time to give me some earnest career advice. Oh, and he blogs. And it’s good.

Mel Exon – Mel is the Managing Partner & co-founder @BBHLabs and runs things in London. I finally met Mel in person at SXSW when she brought the whole Made By Many crew to one of Austin’s best cowboy bars, The Broken Spoke. I think Mel should have been born in Texas.

Jamie Wilkinson – Jamie is my go-to professor of all things internet domination; co-founder of Know Your Meme, F.A.T. Lab, and Parson’s Internet Famous Class, Jamie knows how small groups use the web to their advantage. He’s an awesome dude.

Laura Chavoen – Laura is one of the few people that can claim more than a decade of experience focused on strategy and back it up (Razorfish, Scholastic, Yamaha, and now Imagination Publishing). I had the good fortune to work for Laura in Chicago and she brings some serious chops and wisdom to anything she works on. I’m also psyched to also pick the brain of her husband, Bill Shunn who is a much acclaimed science fiction author – perhaps he’ll help me keep this thing interesting (and by that I mean ray gun fights and faster than light space travel).

Len Kendall – Len’s right there with me (or even past me) trying out new publishing experiments, maybe you’ve heard of his massively successful the3six5 project.

Gavin Heaton – aka @servantofchaos, and the publisher of the collaborative publishing book series, The Age of Conversation, Gavin brings some awesome experience having actually sold copies of A.O.C., super glad to have his expertise.

Neil Perkin – founder/blogger/thinker at Only Dead Fish, which is a fantastic blog but will never be truly amazing until I actually win one of his damn post of the month polls (Faris rightly wallops most everyone, most every time).

So what’s the Editorial Board you ask? Well, The Editorial Board is a private digital community (hosted through Basecamp) and members of the community will help to:

  • identify experts/case studies to include
  • help shape the questions asked or topics covered w/ said experts
  • they’ll also receive early transcripts of those interviews b/c it’s awesome
  • later the board will see early drafts of chapters, will weigh in on them, etc
  • then we get to make the fun decisions about the product itself, does it have to be a book? what should it look like? where should it be distributed? do we charge for it?

Sold? Visit the Kickstarter page!

And be sure to check out all of the supporters of the project. If I had more time, I’d include all of them. Oh, and I want to send a special shout-out to MailChimp for backing the project at $1,000 yesterday. Wow, huh?!

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  1. neilperkin
    neilperkin July 14, 2010 at 8:39 am .

    Thanks Bud. Delighted to be a part of this and think it’s a great thing you’re doing :-)

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