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16 Sep, 2010 – one comment

so much awesome, so little time

I’m a bit slammed this week, but interesting-ness keeps popping up in my reader, through my twitter followers, in my inbox, and every which way in-between. I take my duty of spreading awesomeness very seriously, so here are a slew of awesome things you should be reading. Do pass them on.

The Fiesta Movement has made the Ford Fiesta one of the most sought after small cars. “Since its launch in May, Fiesta demand has stormed past its competition, trending near 60,000 shoppers. It’s even ahead of Versa, Fit and Yaris August ’09 levels from the final month of the government’s Cash for Clunkers program (that program incentivized prospects to purchase more fuel efficient models and helped drive small car demand).” Kudos again to Ford, JWT/TDI, and my friends at Undercurrent.

Eric von Hippel continues to explain how consumers are 2-3 times more innovative than industry. I found this bit about hotels and travelers to be particularly useful for the book I’m writing now. It’s a great example of adaptive competition between consumers and producers. “As we move into discussion, von Hippel tells a funny story about business travelers and hotels. In the early days of the internet, travelers like me would take apart hotel phones so we could connect them to our computers and dial into AOL or to university servers. Hotels responded by putting tamper-proof screws on their phones. So travelers started carrying specialized screwdrivers… and hotels started putting phones in metal boxes. Some firms don’t like user innovation, even if users are pointing to a new market opportunity. von Hippel notes that it’s pretty weird that we expect manufacturers to innovate – we should expect them to manufacture efficiently, but perhaps to look to their users for design innovation.” Here’s more coverage of the same talk from The Atlantic.

Resistance is futile … against Comic-Sans. “Shockingly, users of the Comic Sans-addled site were almost twice as likely to admit embarrassing or unethical behavior — even after taking a “pre-test” where they were shown both sites and asked which one seemed more trustworthy! ”

What small businesses fear most right now – in graph form. “Well, here’s what small businesses are thinking: Nobody is buying what we’re selling.”

When the nudge stops working – why do most cigarette smokers tolerate massive state taxes? “At the heart of nearly every tax debate in America is some version of the Laffer curve, a fancy way of describing a point of diminishing returns. An income tax of 0 percent produces no revenue; an income tax of 100 percent, it is presumed, causes people to change their behavior so as to avoid the tax, also producing nothing. Some ideal point in between will yield the maximum possible revenue.”

New Study reveals disturbing opinions about who constitutes a family. “The sheer idea that gay couples are given less status than pets should give us pause.” is a Kickstarter project being launched by Northwestern students.“We’re not just creating a resource for Northwestern: we’re creating a multimedia laboratory. Every aspect of the project offers a new twist on an old medium. All we need is the equipment to bring a new storytelling aesthetic out of the box and into the world.”

The tech mega-trends worthy of million dollar investment. “Angel investors SV Angel, led by Ron Conway invests so early in startups that he looks mostly at the team and current tech trends when making investment decisions.”

Did I miss something awesome? Please drop me (and everybody else) a link in the comments.

Since you’ve read this far, here’s something that could use your two cents. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my old How to Be Happy in Business venn diagram. I’d like to give it a reboot. I was thinking about looking for a notable artist (or multiple artists) to partner with to give it a fresh face. I’ve already sold a few hundred of the one I designed, but I think it could be done much better, and I’d be happy to hand over the revenue from the new designs to the artist(s) if that meant more people saw it, used it, and benefited from it (though, realistically, that revenue would be small anyhow, so maybe just offer them free for download?). I’d love to partner with Swiss-Miss‘s Tina Roth Eisenberg or Kitsune Noir‘s Bobby Solomon. What do you think? Got a better idea? Leave a comment or drop me a line.

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