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18 Jan, 2010 – one comment

today’s tomes

Two slideshares that were shared with me over the weekend deserve some or more of your continuous partial attention. They’re both weighty in length, but more importantly, in insights and value.

First up, Norwegian strategist Helge Tennø created an expanded deck of some earlier trend work he had put together. But what resulted is more an ultimate primer on working in and respecting the digital space for what it really is – a communications platform. The recent earthquake in Haiti and the use of digital technologies to collect information and call people to action has been a perfect example of the true power/purpose of digital. By the way, if you’re not reading Helge’s blog, you’re absolutely missing out on some damn fine strategy thinking. A favorite phrase, paraphrased, “search is no longer the most important word on the internet, share is.”

Next up, BBH Labs shared Morgan Stanley’s Mobile Internet Report which is a 92 slide summary of a 1,000 slide deck. The deck is chock-full, and I so hardly find an excuse to say chock-full, of data and insights – and it’s fantastic to see a financial analysis mindset applied to the space.

One Comment

  1. Mike Scheiner
    Mike Scheiner January 18, 2010 at 3:33 pm .

    Hi Bud,
    Thanks for sharing the two decks. Just got through Helge’s which has a vast amount of powerful information, It really speaks to so much beyond a tactic, or simply creating another viral effort. But more about adding value to the “conversation” that others will agree with and want to share. Do you think clients are beginning to understanding the difference of participating in a conversation Vs. interrupting it?

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