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08 Jun, 2011 – one comment

results from my groupon survey

Last Thursday, daily deal site Groupon filed for a $750 million-dollar IPO with the SEC. To-date, in addition, the company has raised more than a billion dollars in venture capital. Immediately, some examined Groupon’s operating losses of $177M per-quarter and questioned the real value of the firm and the overall temperature of tech-investment. Others have insisted that Groupon is actually worth far more.

So I decided to ask my followers what they thought. This is, of course, entirely unscientific, but I enjoy making predictions and if you never record your guesses then you’ll never know how you’re doing. It will be fun to look back on this post in a year or two and see just how right or wrong we all were.

When I looked at the data, I found it interesting that non-users and users almost identically agreed on the distribution of whether the valuation was fair or not, but when it came to predicting when Groupon would become profitable, there was more discrepancy. Perhaps this is just because valuation is a pretty mirky thing in and of itself?

Now, commence the critique of my data presentation.

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One Comment

  1. Xavier
    Xavier June 10, 2011 at 6:25 pm .

    In that regard, I think that the following article about one of Groupon’s founders is *very* interesting:

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