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11 Jan, 2012 – leave a comment

roundup: 2012 predictions, adaptive businesses, and candy corn

I write these roundups as emails for my company from time to time, and I thought I’d share one with you. Let me know if you’d want to see these on a more regular basis.

Welcome to 2012. We now have jet-packs, augmented reality contact lenses, and time cloaking, though sadly still no hoverboards. Still, the future is pretty awesome. And you might as well be hopeful, only neutrinos (maybe) get to move backward in time, the rest of us are stuck moving forward.

First off, I thought I’d wrangle together the usual suspects of 2012 predictions and 2011 best-of’s for your perusal.

In other news, if you want to get a whiff of what happens when you combine business intelligence with real-time adaptation (where all businesses are headed), Wired’s exploration of Zynga and its competitor, Wooga, is a must read.

College Humor used to say that one of the easiest ways to make content that people share is to put candy corn in it. Not the actual treat – something mildly nostalgic and curious. The Restart Page is a great example of nerd candy corn.

A 20-hour work week could save the global economy. It would be extremely difficult, but I think I could sacrifice some of my time in the office for the good of the world. Just sayin’.

Go forth, and be awesome.

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