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about has been sharing ideas at the intersection of marketing, culture, and digital technologies since 2008. That’s a couple decades in internet years. Sole blame for the site’s writing, curation, and development belongs to Bud Caddell. This site exists to chronicle and chase down his obsessive thoughts.

about bud caddell

I live and work in Santa Monica. I help organizations solve problems in a complex world – primarily by experimenting with new technologies, business models, and consumers.

Here’s where to find me on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInGoogle+, and you can email me at reachme (at) budcaddell (dot) com.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to put my strategic experience to work for some of the biggest brands on the planet: Pepsi, CNN, Volkswagen, American Express, HBO, Ford Motor Company, GE and many others. My work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and AdAge. Personally, I’ve been cited in NYMag and the Harvard Business Review. My essay, “Becoming a Mad Man,” discussing emerging media fandom has earned me citations in Grant McCracken’s latest books, Chief Culture Officer and Culturematic, and Henry Jenkins’ upcoming anthology on spreadable media.

Business Insider said that I was the most creative person, under 30, in advertising. Adweek listed me in their top 50 industry professionals of 2012. The Guardian put me in their ten digital strategists to watch in 2013. All of them made my mom quite proud.

I’m also currently in development of my first book: an exploration of how organizations solve problems in a more unpredictable and complex world. I’m also assembling a network of creative professionals, The Bucket Brigade, dedicated to solving complex problems using systems thinking and collaboration.

Who I am, where I am, and what I do is the product of 1) an obsessive curiosity, 2) a love and literacy of technology, 3) two generations of entrepreneurs that raised me well, 4) a few sparks of creativity, and 5) an enduring sense of I can make that better.

The logo and all monsters on the site were created for me by Jan Willem Wennekes, also known as Zeptonn – an illustrative designer working in the Netherlands.

Thanks for stopping by.