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global juxtapositioning system

It boggles my mind that, in my neighborhood, we monitor our heart rate, order food (and it even shows up), spend money frivolously to unlock new levels on games, watch any kind of pornography we can imagine (and some we never would), and get news from anywhere on the planet – all (simultaneously if you’re good) on our phones, devices themselves that are nearly unexplainable.

Meanwhile, in another neighborhood around the globe, for reasons too complex to truly understand, some people struggle for food, resort to eating monkeys and bats, lack a modern understanding of disease altogether, and face one of the deadliest pathogens our species has yet encountered.

Economic inequality is something we talk a lot about these days in my country. Perhaps we should also be focused on the widening, nearly-incomprehensible, and potentially destructive educational inequality in the world, too.

If not for the sake of the other neighborhood, for the sake of our apps then.

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Back to Bud

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That is all. You’ve officially been warned.

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Nike and The Future of Fuelband

With inaccurate reporting, salacious headlines, and rampant speculation, I decided to dig into what Nike’s departure from wearable hardware really means. Check it out.

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Fresh Coat of Paint

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.36.57 PM

We just relaunched Tell everyone.

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