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coming soon: the book

How did a speculative bubble in a single market send shockwaves throughout the entire global economy, triggering the largest destruction of wealth since the Great Depression?

How did one man’s act of self-immolation lead to widespread populist revolts in over thirteen countries, in only a matter of days?

Why has the lifespan of the average Fortune 500 plummeted from fifteen years in 1937 to nearing just five years today?

In organizations, why are ninety-percent of strategic plans never realized and why do seventy-percent of change plans fail?

Today, institutions of all kinds are struggling for survival in a fundamentally changed world. A world that will outpace us, outwit us, belie our expectations, and make fools of our best laid plans – that is, if we don’t learn to adapt our institutions and their behavior.

Headline after headline, the script for the twenty-first century repeats itself: Connectedness begets complexity. Complexity begets uncertainty. Uncertainty begets chaos.

Welcome to the network era, an age of greater connectedness and abundant complexity. Entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders need new tools to navigate a more connected, and therefore more complex world rife with messy problems.

In my upcoming book, I will help institutions of all shapes and sizes better understand complexity from how it runs rampant internally and runs amok in the market.

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The book has been supported by an incredible community of my peers, dubbed The Bucket Brigade. Together, they have raised over $18,000 to fund my research for the past two years. Follow all of the supporters on Twitter.

my talks on the topic

VIDEO: Planningness 2012 – How to Play Go and Navigate Real World Complexity (38 minutes)

VIDEO: Complexity: The Future of Advertising & Just About Everything Else (36 minutes)