Even Amazon Forgets

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Bezos’s guiding principle for Amazon has always been to start with the needs and desires of the customer and work backward. But when it came to the Fire Phone, that customer apparently became Jeff Bezos. He envisioned a list of whiz-bang features, and the Tyto team started experimenting with a slew of promising technologies: near-field communication for contactless payments, hands-free interactions to allow users to navigate the interface through mid-air gestures, and a force-sensitive grip that could respond in different ways to various degrees of physical pressure. Perhaps most compelling was Dynamic Perspective, which uses cameras to track a user’s head and adjust the display to his or her vantage point, making the on-screen image appear three-dimensional.


  1. Lab126 is one of the few successful in-house R&D teams, interesting to see Bezos second guess it.
  2. Putting the customer first is HARD. You have to let go of your own ego. The way this article describes it, this was Bezos’ Spruce Goose, everything he could possibly want shoved into one monstrosity.
  3. Jobs already taught us that adding features doesn’t add value for the customer.

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