Human-Agent Collectives

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We call this emerging class of systems human-agent collectives (HACs) to reflect the close partnership and the flexible social interactions between the humans and the computers. As well as exhibiting increased autonomy, such systems are inherently open and social. This openness means participants need to continually and flexibly establish and manage a range of social relationships. Thus, depending on the task at hand, different constellations of people, resources, and information must come together, operate in a coordinated fashion, and then disband.


I’ve been working on my investing theses for the next 30 years (not that I have much to invest). I believe institutions that do the following three things will prevail over all others (on a long enough timeline):

  1. CONFIDENCE: They dramatically reduce uncertainty for their customers and constituents (and they are transparent about what uncertainty is impossible to reduce)
  2. ADAPTIVITY: They rapidly reorganize themselves to capitalize on time-constrained opportunities
  3. CONNECTIVITY: They assemble, link to, and uncouple from networks of humans, technology, and information with little friction

What do you think?

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