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A Proud Sad-Sack

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Embracing negativity may also have social benefits. Compared with cheery moods, bad moods have been linked to a more effective communication style, and sadness has been linked to less reliance on negative stereotypes. Feeling down can make us behave more fairly, too. People who saw sad video clips before playing an allocation game were more generous with their partners than those who saw happy clips. Source.

Loved Into Being

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All of us have special ones who have loved us into being. Would you just take, along with me, ten seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you are. Those who have cared about you and wanted what was best for you in life. Ten seconds of silence. I’ll watch the time. Fred Rogers.

Sales Email Copy

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We try a ton of things to spread the word about NOBL. Last year, we tried a cold email campaign. We emailed complete strangers that we thought might be trying to make radical change in their organizations. Email No. 1 – We can help, Megan Megan! I found you via LinkedIn and I promise I can make this email worth your time and attention. Work as we know it isn’t working. 67% of employees are […]

Self-Observation and Loneliness

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self reflection

I hate that by sharing this video it seems like I’m intelligence-signaling. I’m not. I honestly feel less intelligent by the day (this is partly the side effect of working alongside brilliant people). But there’s truth here. I am a person who spends most of his life in self-observation, wrapped up with self-honesty. It’s a lonely place at times. I’m sharing this to communicate a simple message. A simple message best said by, of course, […]

The Nationalist’s Delusion

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Trumpism emerged from a haze of delusion, denial, pride, and cruelty—not as a historical anomaly, but as a profoundly American phenomenon. This explains both how tens of millions of white Americans could pull the lever for a candidate running on a racist platform and justify doing so, and why a predominantly white political class would search so desperately for an alternative explanation for what it had just seen. To acknowledge the centrality of racial inequality to […]