America’s Unchecked Id

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Trump’s appetite seems to know no bounds when it comes to McDonald’s, with a dinner order consisting of two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted.


Insatiable hunger, lust, greed, and dominance. Freud described the Id as primitive, illogical, irrational, and fantasy oriented.

Remind you of anyone?

Of course, we as a species need our Id. We need our primitive drive to survive and reproduce.

But the Id needs the Ego and Superego. Ceaseless desire, without reason and without a recognition for society’s norms is unsustainable and dangerous.

Yesterday I saw that my nation’s Id-In-Chief is largely unchecked. Likely, it’s even a Republican strategy to ram through unpopular legislation while there’s an unpopular President who can be blamed for it. The Ego shifts the blame to the uncontrollable Id.

Trump is unequivocally unfit for office. Congress is unequivocally unfit to check him.

Our hopes and the very fabric of this union rest now solely in The Courts.

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